Gord gets WIERD when people die at races.

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    Subject: Gord gets WIERD when people die at races.
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    Date: 2003-06-02 19:42:40 PST


    First off, it is always very sad when someone loses their life at a
    bicycle race. Nobody should die at such a young age, with so much life


    Three years ago, a big payday ($250,000) for winning all four
    races BMC. Evryone knows the story. Nicole was killed in a freak
    wreck, and the loss is tremendous. A great girl.
    The men don't race, Gord and Horsetooth get plenty of GOOD
    publicity saying that the 1/4 million should go to the family, or in a
    fund, or whatever. Very nice....
    Then, a few months later (when no one is looking), they want the
    money. Either paid to them, or hold that fourth race on like
    Thanksgiving. Are they serious???? What fucknuts.

    Very tasteless to honor the loss with such a nice sentiment, and
    then later renig on the deal. Screw them.

    This year The Gord Hometown stage race. TBC tucson bicycle

    He's won like 10 times here. It's his like the Tour is LA's. Stage
    two, he misses the move, all his team is in it. His GC is over. Then a
    rider (Garrett) is killed in another category. The gap was 6 minutes
    with 5 miles to go in Gord's race when stopped.
    The next day, he could choose to ride with his team, and
    God-forbid even help his teammate for the overall. No, he 'honors' the
    loss by pulling out. I GUARANTEE YOU he would have raced to win if he
    still was in contention. What a loser. And then, to fxxk over a
    teammate, no wonder they don't want to work for him now.
    That would have been enough for me, but then I read the following
    week his take on some internet interview, and he spouts off about all
    this like he did the right thing, and the loss affected him, blah blah

    And now he can't race in Philly on Sunday. He should give some
    thought to hiring a PR person for his image. It's not so hot right

    Him and Cipo can have a beer together in July.

    A little rough, but some of this stuff needs to get out there.

    Ronde Chumpion