got a new crank remover :-)

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Technician, May 5, 2003.

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    well, i was playing around with the bike and temporarily set it up with a cheap index lever to make
    sure the front derailer aligned right. And a good thing i did too, the BB, while in excellent
    condition, had an axle that was too long. the derailer just wouldn't extend far enough. So i drove
    over to the LBS and picked up a crank removal tool (Pedro's, 'cause it was in stock). the old
    cranks, when i had to get them off, i had to beat them from behind and eventually they would pop
    off. but with the tool, the cranks almost fell off with just a few turns.

    Worked better than i could have ever dreamed.

    After that, i pulled the BB out, and let me tell you, Clyde really cranked the right side cup in
    hard. (thank the tool gods for the invention of a breaker bar.)

    The sealed BB i had didn't fit as bad as i thought it would. the non- drive side only stuck out
    about a 1/8" extra.

    i bolted the cranks back on, looped over the chain, and re-adjusted the derailler. i must say, it
    shifted nearly flawlessly after a proper tuning. i don't think that chain has ever had the pleasure
    of a crisp shift like that. Absolutely remarkable the way it shifts with such ease now. There are a
    few chain rattling on the front derailler in some gear combinations, but i rarely use those
    combinations anyway so i'm not worried.

    Still waiting on the LBS for the front rapid-fire lever.

    travis57 at megalink dot net

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.