Got hit by a car, dont know whats wrong with my bike!


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Aug 21, 2011
so i got hit on my left side by a car going about 15mph.

i ride a schwinn varsity from about '74.

my turning has been very stiff. even when i loosen the collar all the way, i feel resistance turning the handlebars.

does this mean the frame has been bent around the post? the headtube? is this something any old bike shop would be able to repair or am i out of luck?
it could be a number of things but steel can be repaired so take it to the store and check it out,
do you know the car driver ? he should pay for the repairing,
no it shouldn't be expensive,

lets hope that the guys in the repair shop have the equipment to weld the steel (although sometimes steel can also be bended into position without the need to weld), it could also be the headset, the front brake or the handlebars that you twisted in which case you would need to buy the new accessories,

i think it shouldn't cost you more than what they would charge for a complete bike revision and maintenance,
If I was the driver, I would buy you a new bike. $1000 or so for a bike would make you happy.

I am glad you were not hurt.


Repairs that involve repairing frames don't make me feel comfortable. My practice is to replace any damaged parts.
would it be unreasonable to ask for more than the part is worth? this was a cheap bike that i have fixed up a bit myself...

i dont wanna be a jerk and ask for $500, since ive only put a little over $100 into the was her fault though!
Probably a bent steerer tube. It can be fixed fairly easily. If you can still turn the fork, then it is not bent too badly and I wouldn't be too worried about riding it repaired. If it does worry you, just get a replacement fork.

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