Got Speedo Questions?

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Fal Leac, Mar 11, 2004.

  1. Fal Leac

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    I notice a lot folks have been asking questions about brief
    swimwear lateley. I don't need to get into the variety of
    questions that have been asked, but it seems to have caused
    a few people a bit of anxiety.

    Well, I searched the web and managed to find a Speedo
    message board that's not erotic or gay oriented.

    It's called RMWS. A board dedicated to brief swimwear, it's
    history; and the advocation and support of those who wear
    brief swimwear.

    I lurked and participated on the board for about a year
    before posting this link at Obviously, I
    wanted to see if RMWS was a helpful message board and not
    just one of those boards harboring perverts. So far, the
    board has been very helpful. There are some interesting
    links and loads of advice.

    I'll be honest with ya, every now and then someone strange
    passes through, but the majority of board members seem level
    headed. The board would certainly gain from having more
    people into the sport of swimming and triathalon posting.

    Anyways, I thought this might be an option for those people
    on this board who have speedo questions.