'Gouging the Poor (criminalization of illness piece)'

Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Dr. Jai Maharaj, Mar 14, 2004.

  1. Posted on Sunday, March 14, 2004 by Robb:

    Gouging the Poor (criminalization of illness piece)

    This appears to have shown up elsewhere earlier, but I just
    noticed it in the "Funny Times" that just landed in my
    snailmailbox yesterday.

    Gouging the Poor


    To compound the sufferings of the sick and sub-affluent,
    hospitals now routinely charge uninsured people several
    times more than the insured. The Fort Lauderdale Sun-
    Sentinel reports that one local hospital charged an
    uninsured patient $29,000 for an appendectomy that would
    have cost an insured patient $6,783. According to the Los
    Angeles Times, in one, albeit for-profit, California
    hospital chain, the uninsured account for only 2 percent of
    its patients, but 35 percent of its profits. The explanation
    for such shameless gouging of the poor? Big insurance
    companies and HMOs are able to negotiate "discounts" for
    their members, leaving the uninsured to pay whatever
    fanciful amounts the hospital cares to charge, such as, in
    one reported case, $50 for the use of a hospital gown.

    (more) http://www.progressive.org/feb04/ehr0204.html

    Posted on Sunday, March 14, 2004 by Robb

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    Posted on Sunday, March 14, 2004 by undergroundpanther:


    money money.

    When will people get sick of this game society plays,when
    will we stop playing make believe,about business
    leaders,politics and right and wrong..and do the kinds of
    things to the people who do stuff like gouge the poor,that
    say we mean it? The rich are rich because they are criminals
    because WE will not be like them we get screwed,but there is
    one other part because we tolerate criminals in suits and do
    not call these businessmen what they are,they get away with
    it.Enron come to mind?

    Why do we as a culture that has a majority that is middle
    class or poor let the rich few take everything away from
    us,especially if they do it slowly and say things we like to
    hear while they pillage us and hoard ? The rich will not
    stop stealing from us,they will never have enough.If we let
    them take without challenges they'll even steal the sense of
    compassion we should have for each other and destroy our
    social safety nets, and freedoms we all worked to put there?

    How dare the rich grab more for themselves than we all
    deserve as living human beings.

    Posted on Sunday, March 14, 2004 by undergroundpanther

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    On 14 Mar 2004 21:26:32 GMT, [email protected] (Dr. Jai Maharaj) wrote
    or quoted :

    >The Fort Lauderdale Sun- Sentinel reports that one
    >local hospital charged an uninsured patient $29,000
    >for an appendectomy that would have cost an insured
    >patient $6,783.

    That same apendectomy in Canada would cost you about $600 a
    year for your insurance. If you can't afford it there is a
    sliding scale. If you make under $12K a year it is free.
    The actual costs are 25% lower since the numbers are in
    Canadian dollars.

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