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    Yet another f'kn Giant! Yeah, so I'm not hardcore enough to go fixed.
    After successfully building up the 'replica' TCR alloy, this was my next

    With all the recent eBay upgrades, there were enough spares laying around to
    build up a single speed without much fuss. Given the frame is a little
    large for me, a single speed time trial rig was the plan - nice and laid
    out. Looked at fixedgeargallery for a few ideas... ended up thinking
    shortish bullhorns with two brakes.

    Most of the parts used are from my first 'real' road bike, an '03 Giant OCR1
    that came with a 105 groupset. One trip to see Andy at BikePro (Whitehorse
    Rd, east Melb 'burbs) and I was almost all set. Vertical dropouts meant a
    quick trip to JayWoo's to grab his tensioner. Short chainring bolts were
    the hardest find - Bike Super Store (Whitehorse Rd again) came through.

    Building -

    DuraAce 7700 BB ($30!) greased up and installed no problems. Installed the
    39 on the outside of the spider so I had to install the chainring bolts
    backwards to make sure the bolt shell had enough 'grab' on the spider arms.
    Wanted to get the brakes sorted first but ended up they needed MTB brake
    cable - argh!.. BMX style 16 tooth cog that came with the spacer kit was a
    little wide for the 9spd chain, next closest was the 15 tooth from the
    Ultegra cassette left over from last weeks upgrades. Drive train sorted
    without much fuss, thanks Sheldon!

    Quick visit to Mascot Cycles for some cable and the brakes and bars went on
    without a worry.

    Riding -

    You'd never guess, it feels like my old OCR - a lazy dog when out of the
    saddle... very first thought was to look for an easier gear.. oh wait.. ;)
    I thought 39/15 might be a bit of an ask on the hills but ended up just
    right. During a quick spin along the boulie I jumped on some guys wheel
    (full Fitzroy kit).. we hit a hill and I took a turn on the front, then
    dropped him. Nice.. Job done.. This rig should be good for strength
    training (hills) and pedalling technique when spinning along.

    Tempted to BR with it tomorrow - but I might wait a few weeks first.

    Frame: Giant '03 OCR1 'L' 55.5cm
    Fork: Giant Carbon Straight Blade
    Headset: CH-917 threaded + ahead converter
    Cranks: Shimano 105 Hollowtech Octalink 172.5mm
    Bottom Bracket: DuraAce 7700 (yeah baby!)
    Rear Gear: 15 tooth from Ultegra cassette
    Chainring: 39 tooth from 105
    Spacer Kit: DaBomb
    Chain: 9spd Wipperman
    Tensioner: Surley singulator
    Wheels/Hubs: 105 hubs, Mavic CXP22 rims
    Tyres: 23mm Gatorskins
    Brakes: 105
    Brake Leavers: Oval Concepts A700 alloy TT
    Stem: Selcof KA04 90mm
    Bar: Profile T2 Wing 44cm
    Seatpost: Kalloy 6061 27.2
    Saddle: Velo VL1021

    Approx 8.3kgs

    Now to find some upgrades for this baby! ;) ... A little birdie tells me
    JayWoo has a new addition to his bike family too....


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