GPS: Garmin Forerunner vs. Garmin Foretrex

Discussion in '' started by mgrant, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. mgrant

    mgrant Guest

    For my birthday my wife bought me a Garmin Foretrex 201 GPS unit. From
    what I've read I think that the Garmin Forerunner might be more
    applicable to unicycling.

    Garmin's website has done little to clear up my confusion as to the
    differences between the two models.

    Does anyone here have some practical advice regarding the pros/cons of




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  2. unicus

    unicus Guest

    I've had the Foretrex 201 for some time now and use it mainly for
    unicycling. I’ve been very happy with it but like yourself I’m not sure
    of the difference with the Forerunner 201 other than price and the
    Garmin website doesn't help. I decided on the Foretrex 'cause it was on
    offer and was cheaper than the Forerunner at the time I bought it.

    If I were buying a GPS today I’d go for the Forerunner '205'
    ( or '305'
    ( as they have cycling
    modes (unlike the 201/301 I believe) and they look nice too.


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  3. Chrashing

    Chrashing Guest

    I bought the fortrex model because it supports WAAS which provides a
    more accurate position fix. I don't think the forerunner supports

    I like the fortex model 201 with the rechargeable battery.

    I don't now much about the forerunner.


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  4. Loosemoose

    Loosemoose Guest

    I have just purchased a Foretrex 201, and kington99's brother uses a
    forerunner 301 I think, as part of his running training. Most of the
    special features of the forerunner assume you are actually running, not
    cycling, so they are pretty much useless for distance unicycling. If
    (as unicus says) the newest model forerunners have a cycling mode and
    maintain the same features (virtual partner, etc) then they might be
    more suited to road-based distance riding. I got the foretrex because
    I'm going to use my GPS for Muni as well as distance, so I liked the
    mapping features.



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