Graffles, a new style of pancake

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  1. Graffles, a new style of pancake
    By: Paul Allen Panks

    2 cups of Bisquick 2 eggs 1 cup of skim milk
    1/2 cup of sugar
    2/2 cup of corn starch
    3/8th cup of lime juice

    Begin preparations by mixing above until smooth. Slowly
    fold mixture onto frying pan. Turn on stovetop, setting at
    Medium Heat. Watch cooking carefully, making sure to stir
    frequently. Flip mixture over when it thickens enough,
    just like regular pancakes. Continue to mix and fold
    graffles until they appear like mashed potatoes. Turn off
    heat, and remove frying pan with graffles. Let cool a few
    minutes, then serve. Add maple syrup on top, just like
    pancakes. Enjoy!


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