Graham Sharman positive for testosterone



IMO you'd have to be on drugs to wanna marry Lucy Tyler-Sharman  ;D

Works hard, so i'll just quit  ::)
Bringing up kids is hard, i'll just abandon them  ::)
Cycling is hard, i'll take drugs  8) now I'm cool

I'm I the only one wondering why he didn't take something that was undetectable, like a real cyclist would?
Australian track cyclist Graham Sharman has received a two year ban after testing positive for testosterone in June this year. Perth-based Sharman had been subjected to a series of tests by the Australian Sports Drug Agency over the last several months to ascertain his normal testosterone level.

Cycling Australia CEO Graham Fredericks told Cyclingnews, "On the one side you don't like these issues coming up but on the other hand it shows that the testing regime works and that if people are using we will test them and catch them."

Sharman, the husband of controversial rider Lucy Tyler-Sharman was a member of Australia's silver medal winning Olympic Sprint team at the 1998 world championships.


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