great domestic racelisting site!!



I came across this site the other day, great site for races listed...they have like over 900...

Link Removed
Could people please stop posting plugs to websites. One exception would be if there is a link back to us, then i'd let it go once :)

In this case, if another member asked if anyone knew of a site that listed local races, then posting a link to it would OK because it answers a question and looks like it is a pretty good website.
One such thread that springs to mind is this one;;action=display;num=1009852409

skyonic if this site is yours, add a nice big plug to it in your sig, that way everytime you post a link will be added under your post. If your not sure how to do this let me know and i'll email you some instructions.
sorry, i'm new here, i really don't care if the links gets posted or not, just sharing a great resource with others....

btw i have nothing to do with "that" site :p, or yours ;)
Cool, I didnt mean to single you out, but can you see where i'm coming from? I normally just delete the posts and the user.

Anyway welcome to the forum