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    I don't own stock in the following product. I don't know anyone who owns stock in the following
    product. I don't even know if the following product comes from a company that is publically owned. I
    don't sell the following product. I don't know anyone who sells the following product. I don't work
    for the company that makes this product. I don't know anyone who works for this company. I have no
    connection with VitaMix whatsoever, other than to have owned their product for over 10 years.


    I have had a VitaMix for at least 10 years. I still marvel at what a great blender it is. This
    morning I blended up a bunch of chicken bones, milk, and dry dog food. My dog loved it. I poured it
    over some dry dog food and she eat it straight away, even though there was already plenty of dry dog
    food in her bowl. VitaMix has a 7 year warrantee. And even after seven years, repairs is incredibly
    easy. One simply buys the part, somewhat inexpensively, from the company and they send one the
    entire kit to fix the problem. I fixed a problem recently in about 4 minutes. This is one first
    class company I would like to work for.

    There may be other companies that sell monster blenders. I don't know. They may be just as good as
    VitaMix. VitaMix is a little expensive. But I have spent about $500 over that past 11 years on this
    blender, and I don't regret a penny. Our family must use it at least 6 times a day.

    The bottom line is that you are throwing away nutritious food when you juice, and you may be
    throwing away good food when you throw it out, rather than blend it up and eat it. In most cases,
    the pulp has more nutrition than the juice, plus, the juice has exactly zero fiber. Juicing has its
    place, since the nutrition "energy" to assimilation "energy" ratio is excellent. One could even
    combine juicing with VitaMixing. We almost always use some kind of liquid in the blender, usually
    water or milk, when we blend. Why not use broccoli or tomato or celery juice? This is for the true
    fanatic that has the time for this sort of thing.

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