greatest TDF rider


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Nov 7, 2003
paris_boy said:
does winning the most TDFs = the greatest TDF rider ever?

That's an even better question than asking who the "all-time greatest cyclist" is in my opinion. I think that it's very tough to make a case for LA as the greatest cyclist of all time! But I have heard some people saying that "Lance Armstrong is now the greatest TdF rider of all time". I think that a person could make a reasonable argument that perhaps he is. However I don't think that I personally would say that LA is the all-time greatest TdF rider.

I think I'd have to give my vote to Merckx (again). Not only because of the number of stages that he won and the number of days that he spent in the Yellow Jersey. But also because of the way that he won those stages and Yellow Jerseys. Also, if Merckx hadn't been attacked by some nut-case, he probably would've won six himslef. If Merckx had focused on the TdF the way that LA has, he probably would've won a dozen of them (maybe I exagerate a little)!