Green Mountain Stage Race - McCormack

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    Oct 23, 2003
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    If anyone on here knows Mark McCormack, I wish they'd point him to this post. I rode in the Green Mountain Stage Race at the start of September. This was my first competitive road race... and training in NW Indiana can't really prepare you for the underestimated (by me) Green Mountains. There were some massive climbs, finishing off with a 3rd stage 67 miler with a 20% grade the last 500 meters. This leads to my question. Gary who organizes the event posted a picture of Mark at the finish which shows him crossing the finish line at the end of this stage, and it shows him (as Gary pointed out) in his large chain ring. I cannot comprehend even the thought of anyone riding that last section in there large ring... superhuman! There was a very short section that leveled right before the finish where he could have switched to the large chainring for time(?)... I've just got to know if he really rode that last .5K in that large ring!! While I'm using every four letter word to myself for not riding a triple, this guys riding his large?!! Nice job Mark! I'm in awe if that's how it went!