Green Prospective Cycling Seeking Advice.


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Jul 26, 2009
Hello everyone. Let me start out by saying this: My name is Brian. I am a high school student from the state of New Jersey, and I have recently become interested in the sport of cycling for both recreation and hopefully competition in the future. I became interested in cycling after watching about ten days of Le Tour De France on Versus, and am trying my best to research how I can become involved in the sport in my area of my state. So far, my searching has led me to the Outdoor Club of South Jersey, but their website does not provide much helpful information for "newbies" such as myself. Next, I found this place, I am liking it so far, since from a short "skim" over the sections of the forums, I feel that it will be an asset for me on my way to becoming a proper cyclist.

The reason that I come to you all, the community of, is because I honestly do not have much clue of how to become involved in the cycling community. I own a bike yes, (Globe Vienna 2 [A Hybrid Bicycle]), which I purchased from Keswick Cycles not two months ago with the generous help of my father's money, but other than that, I have nothing... No friends that are into cycling, no real contacts that get help me find proper equipment - Nothing. So, I come to you all, here at to perhaps offer your advice and assistance in helping me gain a "foothold", as I would like to call it, into the world of cycling.

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Jun 6, 2006
Try asking at the shop where you got your bike if any group rides start there, and don't forget to ask what kind of fitness level the riders have & how fast they go.


Or, just google for some cycling clubs in your area.


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Apr 18, 2009
I did a google search on "new jersey cycling club" the first result was from the department of transportation and that site listed 27 cycling clubs. The SJW was listed, if you look at the weekly rides tab there are three weekly rides listed, the rides also indicates the type of ride and intensity level A,B, and C and average mph. The home page lists cycling clubs in Jersey and Penn. if you have questions call the contact numbers. I wish we had this many options in Nebraska.

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