grip shifts v shimano rapid fires


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Dec 11, 2004
I ride a mongoose 18 speed and it currently has grip shifts. I am considering converting to the Shimano rapid fires. After riding one of the local poice dept's bikes I was very pleased with the ease of shift. If anyone can provide me with the pros and cons or a product review of the rapid fires, it would be greatly appreciated- thanks in advance.
First off, compare like for like.

If you have an 18spd bike, its old, and probably had pretty lousy gripshift when it was new, and that was probably awhile ago now. The cops probably have deore or better on their bikes, and undoubtedly its well maintained. The cops always have shiny bikes in perth at least.

I have midrange gripshift on my bike, and its fairly worn but really love it and would probably never go back to rapid fire. Its very simple and works fine.

Anyone got any newish 3x9sp shimano compatible for me cheep cheep?