GRS RR: Multi Path



I'm keeping my eye on the dirt, but still a bit moist in the shade. I
think next weekend after a week in the 70's will bring good dirt back to
the Front Range. So, I figured I'd try and get from my apartment to the
house on the bike paths. I knew it was possible, but I certainly didn't
realize how far it was going to be. What should have been 25 miles each
way (straight shot in the car), turned out to be 37.5 miles each way on
the paths. So, Cherry Creek bike (west) path to the South Platte River
bike bike (north) to the Clear Creek bike path (west). Only one small
..5 mile piece on the road through Lakewood other wise all car-less path
to the homestead. Here's some of the details (10 miles each way have
been intentionally left out).

o-o-o-o Ride-A-Lot o-o-o-o