GT Giant Aggressor 2.0 v Giant Boulder 1 (and mentions of ohers)


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Jan 11, 2014
As a quick back-ground: Following a spectacular hamstring injury 18months ago, I'm getting back into the swing of things on the bike instead of running. I'm a middle aged Aussie bloke with about 10 extra kegs to get rid off. I do remember riding absolutely everywhere as a kid as you did back then and am already enjoying being back on the bike, something I hadn't seriously done since I was in my 20's. Then it was a road bike, and during my 30's it was my first go with a mountain bike, but barely used due to shift work and a young family. I'm hoping now to get more use out of a "MTB" especially with two teenage boys who enjoy getting off sealed roads.

Being on a family budget, I can't spend as much coin on the bike as I would like updating from my not very well used 10+ year old Shogun Trailbreaker and I know you get what you pay for. However, for my AUD$500 budget, the "GT Aggressor 2.0" and the "Giant Boulder 1" grab most attention. They're probably over priced at that, but taxes kill us on anything imported over here.

I have had a passing look at a couple of other brands but I don't know a lot about them. I should tell you my part of the world is excellent for cycling (top notch cycle-lane network all the way through to challenging mountain tracks), but the shopping range is rather limited due to our small population. The other bikes I've seen (maybe they're more popular outside Australia) are the "XDS MX320 26" and the "Jamis Trail X3". Certainly please let me know if you think these ones are more worth while than the two above.

What I do think I have correct is that I should be looking for at 175cm tall is a medium bike (around 49"?) with 17"-18" frame. My 44" Shogun is just too hard on my back. I say "think I have correct" as the terminology changes between countries, types of bikes and brands. Yet again, I won't be offended to be corrected.

I think I have taken up more than enough of your time with my first post, I thank you in advance for your time.

(39C/102F expected this week...just saying)