Guerciotti Cartesio vs Colnago Ace


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Feb 24, 2013
Im planning to join the Peter Mcallum conquer cancer ride this october and wandering which roadie should i get. So far there are 2 that really caught my eyes which are Guerciotti Cartesio and Colnago Ace. They both range around $2000-$2300 price mark and they both carbon frame. And also both have full 105 groupset. I hope to get a good advice from you expert riders out there on which one is more value for money , durable and have better resale value in the future? I have heard of colnago before but never heard of guerciotti, but it looks better than colnago. Cheers.
Both Colnago and Guerciotti are classic brands. It's impossible, however, to recommend one over the other. The only way to make the right decision would be to test ride the bikes and buy the one that fits best, rides best, handles best, tickles your aesthetic g-spot, and fits in your budget. With that said, I'd recommend you test ride as many bikes as you can or test ride bikes until you find one that pleases you. I'd also recommend not getting locked into just those two brands. In that price range, you're not going to find a bad bike. You might, however, find bikes a little better equipped than the Colnago and Guericiotti. There are a lot of good bikes and the vast majority of them don't have Colnago or Guericiotti on the down tubes.