Guess RB1 - Buy whole bike or just frame & fork

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Hi all,

Need some advice about getting my missus a first road bike.

I've pretty much decided on the Guess RB1, as it got such a god review and the missus likes the look
of it. However i'm not to convinced of the groupset spec.

Should I just buy the whole bike £500 (mix of Sora and "guess" branded groupset)

or ... buy the frame and fork (£125 + £90) and buy (for example) the Mirage groupset and make the
rest of the bike up myself. I know it will end up costing about £100 on top of the £500, but i think
it would end up being a much better speced bike.

Additionally why dont Guess have a website that i can find, just supercycles which seem to be the
distributor for them.

Thanks for any advice


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