Guest - member


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Oct 26, 2001
Steve how come on some topics I'll be a Snr Member but on others I'll be a guest.<br /><br />I should point out it's not just me but everybody else.<br /><br />Not a problem but I'm curious, because the first time I noticed I thought I hadn't logged on.
Something got messed up when i inported all the old messages/user data into the mysql database. Everyones user info should be ok (username/passwd/post count etc..) But most old posts are owned by guest's, the member name is right but its listed as a guest.<br /><br />I've asked the guys who wrote the forum software if they have a fix, but i'm still waiting on them to get back to me.<br /><br />One solution would be to re-import all the posts, however this would make us lose all the posts from last friday, which is ionly about 70-80 and 7 or 8 members. <br /><br />BTW - the main problem is i know SFA about mysql, friday arvo was the first time i'd ever installed it on a server. Do we have any mqsql experts here?<br /><br />cheers!