Gym Bike training


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Jul 10, 2004

I am currently training in the gym using there standard gym bikes but I am unsure if it is worth it. I come from a rowing background (lightweight 75kg) and while on my usual 20km row which i used to do daily on an erg I would hit 165bmp HR within 15 minutes and Average 169bmp on the bike my legs really burn and i struggle to get the Heart Rate average above 140.

Could this perhaps be the machines or maybe my type of fitness I am bringing, eg) weak legs.I am buying my first road bike in two weeks when my uncle comes to visit (TT rider). I am hoping it will really help my CardioVascular fitness and improve my rowing fitness aswell as being mightly good fun.


Gym seats hurt my nuts :)
doubtful your legs are that "weak" if you did 20k rows as a matter of course, more likely it's because cycling is principally taxing just your legs as opposed to rowing where your whole body get's a good beating and puts greater demand on your heart.