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Jan 3, 2006
Yes, I know, Halfords is very uncool....

but, I sent my misses off to my local shop in Chepstow today to get my wheel sorted, new spoke and the wheel true'd. The shop is closed on a Wednesday....

I have a Halfords on my way home, anyone know if they sell spokes? If so how much??? Had a quick look on the net and was surprises to see £50 - £60 quoted for DT 15's!!!! Is that right????? I only want one.

I have a spoke tool at home already, never used. I've got a book that covers the process so I'm prepared to give it a go, just need a spoke!!!

I don't know why but Halfords brings out my inner bike snob. Wouldn't bring my bike within half a mile of it. I'd be afraid it'd come back to me with a set of furry dice and some go-faster stripes :D
Funny you should mention that..
In halfords today I saw a set of two small pink dice which are designed to replace your tyre valve caps. A bargain at £4.99.