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Feb 1, 2003
I am looking for any advice on how to keep training with hamstring pain. I have had a dull pain for over a month on and off. Recently it is more acute. It is my left leg, right in the middle backside. When I rest it, it gets better, but never goes away completely. I plan to go to a therapist next week, but don't want to lose all the training since last fall. Any input? Don.

I would immediately go to the therapist and stop riding. I was riding 300+ a week when I started to experience left knee pain. I kept on riding hoping that I would miraculously wake up one day feeling fine. As a result of not listening to my body, I have not ridden now for nearly a year. I have recently gotten my knee operated on and hope to strengthen it enough to resume riding. So my advice to you is to rest your leg. You will only do more damage to the leg in trying to ride through it. Best of luck to you.
I'm with mook, stop training and get it sorted. Try to pinpoint the cause as soon as you can, check your position and cleat position, etc. So that you don't lose fitness try swimming or some other aerobic training until its sorted.