Hand Crank trike rec vs. Quad crank

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Dr.Tate, Apr 13, 2003.

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  1. Dr.Tate

    Dr.Tate Guest

    I really like the idea of getting a trike recumbent in a hand crank for the upper body workout. No
    dealers around here, so I am looking for opinions from others who may have knowledge. Will I get
    bored with hand crank only? Would it be better to get something like an Angletech for the long term?
    I can only afford one bike. I already have a mountain bike to work my legs in the upright position.

  2. Avgrin

    Avgrin Guest

    B"H For a hand trike look at http://mrrecumbenttrikes.com/. The trike name is Dart. My family has
    two swift touring trikes. They are first class. Michael Rogan is a great person to deal with. He
    provides an excellent customer support. I bought one trike while in Australia. It became very
    popular with my children and about eight months later we ordered the second, which MR shipped to
    Houston, TX.

    However, for upper body I personally use a Rowbike, www.rowbike.com. We also own two of these.
    Again, I got one, then my boys started to ride it too often, and I bought another one. I got the
    first Rowbike in 1999 and the second in 2000. Again Scot Olson and his crew are great people to deal
    with and the bike provides fabulous workout.

    Good luck, Victor
  3. Definitely get a hand and foot-cranked tricycle, even if you want to use only your arms at times.
    You would actually be able to put more smooth and balanced power on both arms and legs, if you use
    them together. The arms are braced against the legs during the stroke and therefore each limb has a
    more solid base against which to thrust. Soreness and injuries are diminshed by quad-cranking as the
    load is spread out over more of the body. The beginning of each power stroke is easier on the joints
    with all four limbs working. With all limbs flexing, circulation is improved and a greater vascular
    capacity can be developed. The flexing muscles act as auxillary pumps for the flow of blood. The
    more muscles that are moving, the stronger this factor is. You'll also be able to go much faster and
    keep it up longer. When I use a quad tricycle, my daily range of travel can easily be doubled. They
    are very expensive, but you won't find many users of them who regret having made the investment.

    Steve McDonald
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