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    No mountain high enough


    AN American mountaineer who lost the use of his legs in a car accident has begun as slow but steady
    ascent of Mt Fuji.

    Keegan Reilly is using a custom-made tricycle resembling a three-wheeled mountain bike to pull
    himself up the 3776m peak. Mr Reilly, 22, and the eight members of his support team were initially
    stopped by a park safety ranger.

    "He sort of freaked out when he saw us," Mr Reilly said. "He had never seen an arm bike before and
    he really didn't know what to do.

    "He didn't want to let us pass. "It kind of shows exactly what we are trying to raise
    awareness about."

    The team persuaded the ranger to relent after an eight-hour delay.

    The climb, up generally gentle slopes, normally takes six to seven hours. Mr Reilly said it was
    easier going than he had expected.

    Mr Reilly, of Portland, Oregon, had reached 2799m yesterday. Weather and strength permitting, he
    hoped to reach the summit tomorrow.

    Mr Reilly turns a crank to propel his arm-powered, three-wheeled contraption, made of titanium
    tubing. The $55,000 machine is designed to roll over boulders and even climb steps.

    He set off on Monday from an elevation of about 1656m, and climbed about 273m before camping on the
    rocky trail in a sleeping bag beneath a starry sky.

    Since losing his legs in 1996, Mr Reilly has climbed Colorado's Mt Elbert (4379m) and California's
    Mt Shasta (4296m). ~ AP

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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.