Handicapping in road races.



Maybe the South African National Seeding Index could be used for some form of race handicapping as they do overseas with time trials?! That would really motivate everyone at whatever their level to know that you could win the handicappped part of the race based on your past performances. Then everyone starts equal whether an elite, or a novice with only 3 previous events, or a teenager or a septagenarian, (yes, there are quite a few! :eek:). The actual race would be unaffected. Any comments?
We have alot of handicaps here in Australia, handicaps are all alot of small clubs do. I don't really like them that much.

I thought thats how the races in S.A worked anyway?
John, what needs to happen first is the unification of our cycling bodies. This process is already on track, as far as I have read (see article below). Fragmented cycling bodies have been causing confusion, with cycling being the big loser.
Most cyclists out there don't belong to any club, or 'body'. They merely rock up at organised races, pay, ride and go home. Why? Because there is no incentive in being part of a 'body' right now. Once there is a unified cycling body, affiliated to the UCI, being a club member will mean being part of National cycling, which will mean being part of International cycling. This, in turn means that money generated at cycling events can be controlled and accounted for, and will be re-invested back into cycling in general, and in the development of talented riders. And this is where the Seeding Index and maybe your handicapping idea comes into play. There should be as much competition amongst amateurs as amongst pro's, and there should be rewards for those that win their handicaps. There should be rewards for amateurs that ride well for their clubs, and there should be rewards for clubs that are well represented at major cycling events, such as the Argus.
So, I agree with you. If you are 70+ years old, and you beat all the other 70+ racers at the Argus, you should get some form of national recognition. This can only encourage and motivate your fellow competitors, and cycling will be the winner in the end.

Unification of SA cycling
South African cycling has taken a significant step towards long-awaited unification with the news that three major Pedal Power Associations will undertake mediated talks with the South African Cycling Federation.
The Pedal Power Associations of Western Province, Central and Northern Gauteng announced in Cape Town that they will join the SACF in mediated talks early in the New Year.

According to a press release issued by the three Pedal Power Associations “it is our joint aim to establish an umbrella body to represent all aspects of cycling. This body would seek official recognition from the South African Government and the world controlling body for cycling (UCI).”

The three Pedal Power bodies, which represent the overwhelming majority of organised cyclists throughout South Africa, also announced their intention to form the South African Pedal Power Federation.

“We invite the other Pedal Power bodies throughout the country to join us,” a spokesman said.

“It’s all very exciting. Even after Unification the Pedal Power Associations around the country will continue to run recreational cycling and it is vital that we speak with one voice where we can,” he said.
Article found on Cyclelabs website here
Yeah, VO2, agreed. Guess I never really thought this idea through. Just posted the thought to get some reactions. ;) Would certainly mean a lot of work for someone!