Handle Bar Tape - and saddles...

James Godley

New Member
Jan 29, 2003
Right, I've just dusted of my old road machine and its got no tape on the bars...........

So, do you start from the ends and wind up and round to the middle, or from the middle and down round to the ends - if you see what I mean.

Oh and another question - if I'm to ride 300km in twleve hours, what sort of saddle do I need. A massive great big wide thing sounds nice, but I've feeling it'll become counter productive within a few hours.

So, razor blade or armchair, groove down the middle to prevent that hideous and alarming numbing maybe, soft, hard.......... waddya reckon???:confused:


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Apr 2, 2003
Putting on handlebar tape: Start at the bottom and work up to the middle. It wears better and is more comfortable because of the way the overlap goes.
As for a saddle: I reckon you're gonna have a sore ****!! :eek:

youre better off riding a skinny one but they take a bit of gettin used to. I'm on a selle-italia that cost 80 euro and that still gave me trouble for the first few hundred miles. Its need to be worn in a bit and youre **** also has to toughen up!


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Oct 30, 2002
i just retaped my bars with some serfas tape, nice and thick and comfy

start from the ends and work up to the middle, overlap by a third to keep the thickness consistent and be careful round the brake levers/STIs

as for seats, a thick seat may look enticing but a good road race seat will be better in the long term, you may have to try a couple before you find one that you like but its worth the effort