Hanoi letter: Resident in bike tour

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    Dear Editor:
    My name is Nguyen Bang, I am known in town either as Bang Bike (Vietnamese is Bang Xe Dap ). I have been a Hadong -Hanoi – Vietnam resident my whole life. No plans on leaving this awesome town of Hadong .Have so many friends in town and around town. Everyone sees me all the time on my bicycle, you cannot miss seeing me.
    I am blind in the left eye, deaf in the right ear, half deaf in the left ear and my vision is not that good for right eye. I do wear glasses. I was born like this because my mother was deaf and blind in Vietnam War . I do not drive a motorbike . It does not stop me from cycling on my bicycle.
    I am very lucky when Indochina Bike Tours Company received me to work for them like a local guide .
    I have been helping raise money and riding for Poor Kids In Vietnam . in April 2013 I and Indochina Bike Tours will raise more for Poor Kids in Northern Vietnam .
    Any one to help us by riding in this tour, I am taking part in making that miracle happen for so many poor families. Any pledge/donation amount you can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thank you again for your support.
    If you like to learn more about Indochina Bike Tours website www.indochinabiketours.com
    Nguyen Bang.