Hansons a butt-lover?

Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Ted Hanson, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Ted Hanson

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    My brother John is a well known homosexual in our town. Why he pretends to
    be married is rooted in the way our dad used to beat him for dressing in
    moms underwear. I thought he'd have come out of the closet by now, but he
    still hides. His wife is a well known lesbian playing the same hiding game.
    Dad long ago disowned him, since dads an old fashioned guy. Mom stopped all
    contact after he went berserk because she hid her underwear on him, and he
    attacked her ripping off hers.
    Grow up little Johnnie.
    Ted Hanson
    Brother of John

  2. You should see him spreading his cheeks in the locker room. Between
    hemoroids, STD's, herpes sores, and boils, it ain't a pretty site.
  3. Bruce Hanson

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    >[email protected] (Ted Hanson):
    >"My brother John is a well known homosexual
    >in our town."

    Ted I thought we agreed at the last family emergency meeting about our
    brother's "indiscretions" that we would try to do some damage control.
    It's embarassing enough that everyone in town knows, now thanks to you,
    the whole world knows.