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  1. Walter Diggelman (1915) He died on March 5, 1999 in Switzerland
    1st Championship of Zurich, 1941

    Eugene Catteau (1877) . He died on November 2, 1939 in France
    3rd GC Tour de France, 1904

    Alfredo Binda (1902). He died on January 1, 1986. in Italy
    Interestingly, Binda was brought up in Nice (Nizza) which at that time had not
    long been French territory. Garribaldi, Italy's national hero was actually
    born in Nizza!!
    1st Giro d'Italia 1925
    1st Giro d'Italia 1927
    1st Giro d'Italia 1928
    1st Giro d'Italia 1929
    1st Giro d'Italia 1933
    All together, Binda won 41 stages in the Giro, including 12 in the 1927 race
    alone and would have won more but for the fact that in 1930 the organizers
    paid him the estimated winnings if he had ridden to stay at home. They were
    afraid that the tifosi might think the race was fixed. Considered in the light
    of the foregoing, Cipollini's 42nd win was perhaps not as significant as it
    might otherwise have been.

    1st Giro di Lombardia (Fogli Morti) 1925
    1st Giro di Lombardia (Fogli Morti) 1926
    1st Giro di Lombardia (Fogli Morti) 1927
    1st Giro di Lombardia (Fogli Morti) 1931

    1st Milan-SanRemo (Primavera) 1929
    1st Milan-SanRemo (Primavera) 1931.

    1st World Championship Road Race 1927 (2 Costante Girardengo,
    3 Domenico Piemontesi) This was the first ever ``Worlds''
    1st World Championship Road Race 1930
    1st World Championship Road Race 1932

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