Happy Holidays!

Discussion in 'Triathlon' started by Tom Henderson, Dec 25, 2003.

  1. Just wanted to take a second to wish all of you crazy folks the best of the holidays. Hope you
    find yourself in possesion of the newest tri toys and get to spend time with those people most
    important to you!


  2. Hi Tom and everybody else ! Happy Holiday to you, too from Germany. I wish everybody a very good tri-
    season and, most of all, and injury-free year. And let's look forward to that feeling of having the
    finishing line, finally, in sight.

    After having started with tri's only last year, I think it's strange how I have suddenly scheduled
    my competitions for the whole year already - before it's even New Year's Eve ! Anyway, last year I
    enjoyed my first competion very much and I am looking forward to the first one in 2004.

    I wish you all a BIG SMILE on your face next time you cross the finish-line