Happy newbie

Hi all, I've been following this site for a while but this is my first
I wanted to share with you what I have achieved... very small to most
of you put I am so proud of myself - I swam 2 lengths of front crawl
Told you it was small - but I swim soooo badly. I didn't learn at all
til I was 14, then it was the head-up kind of swim and I never went
anyway. Kept meaning to learn... am now 27. Over the last year, I've
been teaching myself - very erratically, and until 2 weeks ago, hadn't
been to a pool for around 6 months.
My breaststroke is ok, but I have never been able to crawl more than a
few strokes, breathing got in the way etc. I joined a new club, it is
so quiet and no-one uses the pool. I was able to truly relax; it wasn't
full of kids and lads showing off and mega-fit swimmers (who can be a
bit scary), it was just me and a couple of old guys.
First biggy for me was daring to wear a cap - I have that
too-short-to-tie-back-but-long enough-to-flop-into-face kind of air,
which always always gets in the way, but I usually feel like way too
much of a dork to wear one as it looks so stupid - its like I'm dressed
like a swimmer but can't swim like one! Anyway, today I finally figured
that no-one cares what I look like, or what I swim like, and its not
like anyone is going to recognise you etc. So I finally relaxed and got
on with swimming. And I didn't inhale water-soaked-hair, and my dry
coloured straightened hair doesn't feel like a brillo pad for once.
Can't describe how good my first length of crawl was; the floor just
flew by! Yes I was knackered, maybe a snorted a little water but
overall it was impressive (for me). And it has been worth it, all my
internal humiliation, thinking everyone was looking and laughing I
suddenly realised they have much better things to do. Yes it was only 2
lengths but I am so unfit - hence joining pool/gym thing - and have
personal trainer and am improving and loving it.
Can't wait to get back in the water, look out for me - I'll be crawling
along with a big grin on my face!