Hard Tack Candy

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    Hard Tack Candy

    Double batch
    4 cups sugar (cane)
    1/4 lb butter to grease pans
    1 1/3 cup karo syrup (corn syrup)
    2 cup water

    Boil to hard crack 290 degrees. Add a few drops of flavoring and food
    coloring if desired. Dip knife in coloring and stir into candy for color.

    Sassafras - violet
    Cinnamon - xmas red
    Anise - pink
    Coconut - no color
    Wintergreen - moss green
    Spearmint -
    Molasses 1/3 cup karo 1/3 cup molasses do in single batches
    this substitutes for the karo syrup in above recipe

    Flavors are available at various places. Many places that order baking or
    candy making supplies have this available.

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