has anybody ever done this?

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Ellis, Aug 10, 2003.

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  1. Ellis

    Ellis Guest

    You already have a couple (or a few) nice bikes, all tricked out. One weekend you look around in
    your closet and find a box full of old parts, even after you 've given most of them away to friends
    who needed one thing or another. You figure out that you have almost all the parts, albeit
    low-to-mid grade stuff, Deore maybe, old Sugino cranks, a 96 Judy, to put together another bike. So
    you go to ebay to look around, or wherever. You really don't need another bike, but for some reason
    you need to justify having all these parts lying around in your closet, or may as well throw them
    out. So you pick up the cheapest frame you can find just so you can slap on the parts and use it as
    a beater bike, or whatever. And you really don't need another bike, especially a 32 lb HT, and don't
    even have space for it.

    Maybe build it and give it away to a neighbor's kid. You don't know.

    Make it stop.

  2. Jim Price

    Jim Price Guest

    ellis wrote:

    snipped dangerous recipe for bike building addiction.

    > Make it stop.

    Before you end up with 19 bicycles or more...

    Jim Price


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