Has anybody tried this "Sport Legs" ?

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> Does anybody have any experience with this stuff? Does it make sense? Is it USCF & UCI legal?
> http://www.sportlegs.com/about/welcome.asp

Peter- You can read what other athletes in various sports have experienced using SportLegs at
www.sportlegs.com, specifically the "Feedback" pages. SportLegs' ingredients qualify for FDA
"Generally Recognized As Safe" categorization, so they're among the safest things you can ingest
during any given day. Dunno about this year's USCF and UCI legalities, but SportLegs' ingredients
are permissible under the latest IOC, WADA and USADA guidelines. Whether they make sense is up to
your brain to decide. Or you could send your name and mailing address to [email protected], and
until 3/15/03 they've said they'll send you and other curious folk four doses of SportLegs to try
for free. Then let your MUSCLES decide. They're already doing that for visitors to bomberonline.com,
a receptive forum for hard-core hard-boot carving snowboarders. It's a free country, at least for
another couple of weeks, so try a free sample, and tell the (free) world what you think...
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