Have I been ripped off by online bike store?

Discussion in 'Australia and New Zealand' started by just us, Dec 5, 2006.

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    monsterman wrote:

    > Indeed, but the website mentions "Bikes Direct Pty Ltd", and ASIC names
    > register searches indicate there is not (and has never been) a company
    > of that name. I think that's the point Roadie Scum is making ... ...
    > ....
    > Monster(corporate governance police)man

    Well, would you buy stuff from Bikes Direct Family Trust? What's in a


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    Apr 23, 2005
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    Nup. Bottom line for me is only buy from places that I have had direct positive feedback from trusted sources. Like you, Donga.

    PM me your mobile number so that we can catch up at the start of Amy's ride. I'm putting together a nice little gruppetto who are just in it for a social, chatty pace. Sounds like the go for you if your young fella is coming along??
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    Mar 13, 2003
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    What's in a name? Accurate representation of a corporate identity, rather than pretending to be a real company when you're not. Registering a Business Name costs bugger all, if they can't afford the $800 fee for being a real company.
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    And now for the other end of the spectrum. I ordered a few DVDs for
    Christmas presents yesterday afternoon from ezydvd.com. They said they
    were doing stocktakes so there may be some delay. The DVD's were sitting
    at my front door when I got up this morning! I assume that if it
    wasn't for the delay (to borrow from Monty Python) they would have
    arrived 1/2 an hour before I ordered them.

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    Umm... I've got a couple of hardly used panniers I'm trying to get rid
    of! I don't accept credit cards :)


    "I've got a bike
    You can ride it if you like
    It's got a basket
    A bell that rings
    And things to make it look good
    I'd give it to you if I could
    But I borrowed it" Pink Floyd

    Remove "yourfinger" before replying
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    Feb 2, 2005
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    I bought a set of panniers off this guy through ebay. I picked them up at his house which IIRC was in Croyden/Chirnside Park somewhere. The deal was perfect in every respect.
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    just us wrote:
    > Finally got an email! In fact I got 2. First one said he was sorry with
    > order, everything has been sent. 6 minutes later there was a second email.
    > It said his wife had had a baby, he had not been in the office, had received
    > email with my order in it, and that he will send the order out tomorrow . So
    > who knows - presumably I wait again. Thanks for the info on getting $$ back
    > from your credit card. It has appeared on my statement so I presumed there
    > was no way of getting it back.
    > Kathy

    Hi Kathy, this is Ken from Canada,

    Something worse happened to me while bicycling across to Darwin. By the
    time I got to Hells Gate I could not use my CC. In the previous week
    while bicycling between Burketown and Hells Gate my CC was stopped by
    the bank here in Canada. I had cash so continued to Borroloola and then
    started telephoning Canada (at my expense) to find out what happened.

    Apparently someone "stole the details" from my CC during one of the
    transactions and then those details were used for several small
    purchases to see if the card worked .... then in a few quick
    transactions $15000 was spent in Europe. In the meantime I was in the
    Gulf region of QLD. When the bank found out what had happened I did NOT
    have to pay anything that was charged to me. I just switched to American
    Express and cash until I returned to Canada.

    A new Mastercard was issued to me and was waiting for me { :) } when
    I returned home. So to cut to the quick, Kathy, your money was always
    "safe" and all you had to do was to alert the original vendor and if
    that would not have solved the issue then you just would have contacted
    your bank or CC issuer and they would have done the chargeback thing....

    Apparently your (and my) situations happen every day in the credit card
    business. A high school chum now does VISA CC security stuff after a
    career in military computer security/encription stuff.

    As an aside, it has been about -20C here and several of my fellow
    teachers are still bicycling to school. Mind you they use Schwalbe
    studded tires - and yes, they do break into a bit of a sweat if they
    bicycle too fast.

    Ken, Canada
  8. Tmac-100

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    jur wrote:
    > I bought a set of panniers off this guy through ebay. I picked them up
    > at his house which IIRC was in Croyden/Chirnside Park somewhere. The
    > deal was perfect in every respect.

    I have well over 200 purchases on e-bay. I have been treated well on
    purchases from AU, UK, USA and here in Canada. Only once did I get
    screwed - my someone in Tassie who "sold" me a Daddy Cool EP (the one
    with the fold-up cover and candy-cane) for $10 plus postage. He sold 5
    items to 5 people on e-bay and then de-registered and "dropped out of
    sight" so there was no recourse. I unfortunately did not pay with Paypal
    or CC so...

    OTOH, everyone else sold me according to the "rules" and did prompt
    remittances when something fell through on their (the vendor's) part.
    Most of my purchases have been LPs etc from Australia - the postage was
    expensive but then I have LOTS of old AU records :) I have paid several
    hundreds of $$ in individual purchases, and several $1000s in total, and
    have been treated well so far.