Have you ever used a bike radar?


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Aug 20, 2023
I almost got hit by a car while riding my bike! Have anyone ever used a bike radar?
Apart from garmin varia being the first, which brand is the second?
igpsport SR30? Bryton GARDIA R300L? Magene L508?
Yep, I use the Varia and while I was initally sceptically it is really useful. Particularly on faster decents when you have wind in your ears or just a plain windy day. Coupled with electric cars and cars being quieter generally I find it really good in giving me that base understanding of what is behind me (and for not worrying about swerving around pot holes or drains). I still give a life-saver look over my shoulder if I am moving across lanes though....

Only mild annoyance is heavy traffic as it is always beeping, so I turn it off on a commute in the city as there is always a car behind me anyway, don't need aradar to tell me that!