headset loose


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Nov 16, 2004
Howdy, I'm upgrading somethings on my bike and just had a new chris king headset and new manitou fork put on my aluminum frame at the lbs. The problem is that the bottom of the headset is not tight and I can turn it with my hand. There also seems to be a little play in it.

question: Should it do this? Do yall think the headtube has been expanded by previous headset? Can I add anything to tighten this thing up?

I really like the frame and don't want to get a new one. Thank You in advance!
Well folks I decided that I couldn't live with the headset being loose like that so I broke down and bought a frame. My brand new Orbea Scape hardtail will be here in about two weeks.

So after cracking a rim and deciding to do a "few upgrades" I'll have an entirely new bike when I put everything together.