Headset play in m60


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Mar 14, 2017
hey everyone so I bought an Eva 4.5 never even riden and Raleigh m-60 and the M-60 is in good shape but the headset has some play and it can't be tightened up enough to fix it I took it apart and the top bearing and race look like they have seen better days. How do I go about getting new parts? Is there a size I need to know I am green when it comes to the specifics . Thanks everyone!
Post a picture of your frame's head tube & headset ...

FYI. You may simply find it easier to buy the CORRECT replacement type on eBay vs. paying a significant premium from your LBS ...

IF your bike has an external headset, then it can probably be replaced with a standard 1 1/8" external headset.

IF your bike has a headset with internal bearings (i.e., NO cups), then it's catch-as-catch-can, IMO, and you will benefit from taking the bike to your LBS ...
A lot of headsets incorporate a "compression ring/cone" which facilitates keeping the the steerer from wobbling inside the head tube ... if the compression cone is missing, then you will never be able to adjust the headset properly.​