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    As some of you may know, probably an incorrect IP number for
    a Memorial University machine on the Dalhousie upfeed
    computer kept close to 100 of my posts from Feb. 2 to a few
    days ago from going outside MUN. Now ideally I would edit
    and update them before reposting but that would take a while
    so I am just going to repost some of them (they are not all
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    in some cases only a few interested in the missing posts
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    is. But I will in each post mention the original post time
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    healing the world From: David Dalton <[email protected]> Date:
    February 3, 2004 09:03:19 pm Groups: misc.health.alternativ-
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    On the "healing the world..." thread on alt.music.s-
    mclachlan I have described how biomagicoenergetic healing
    techniques may be working fo me this week (maybe until full
    moon) and how I have tried to pass on the ability to do such
    healing to many others including a "circle of healers" than
    may include you, and not necessarily with my techniques but
    perhaps you own techniques can take advantage of higher
    dimensional openings provided by me and perhaps even improve
    on my performance especially if you know more about a given
    illness than I do, which is likely. I do not know if said
    openings will last beyond full moon but I suspect they may
    for you but maybe not for me since I am not supposed to
    specialize in healing I think. So even if you have tried a
    healing working before and it has failed, try again, and if
    it does not work try again just after the exact time of full
    moon which is Feb. 6, 2004 0847 UTC and perhaps it will work
    then. Even scientific/westernmed people (well, nurses have
    used therapeutic touch for a while) can reach out with their
    consciousness and will someone well in addition to using
    their usual techniques.

    Anyway, give it a try, it is worth a shot and may only work
    until wafer/enlightenment full moon, or may work longer.

    Two test healings I tried were:

    Stephen Hawking a few hours ago. Kim Mullaly of Canadian
    Broadcasting Corporation TV National News (reporter)
    last night.

    Now while they may begin to feel a bit better right away it
    could be that total healing will take place gradually
    starting then, but I don't know.

    Some who are designated loveagents (so very good someones,
    maybe not including me) should be able to devise cures for
    some illnesses I have not covered yet if ever since I tried
    to pass on my connections to them but it would help if some
    had the training that some of you have, or similar/related,
    and you could pass this on to such off newsgroups (e.g. your
    teachers in some cases) and also teach some who you think
    are very good sorts.

    David http://www.nfld.com/~dalton