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  1. Our mission is to help as many people in our society live as
    long as they can so they can fully enjoy their retirement
    years. After all, aren't we all working daily towards this
    common goal? If you are between the ages of 20 and 95 it is
    very important that you look inside yourself and do a check-
    up from the neck - up! What are you consuming on a daily
    basis? There are two ways that we consume things
    daily…actively and passively. Actively, we control what we
    introduce into our body, and passively, we absorb into our
    body what surrounds us in our environment. Without GOOD
    HEALTH nothing else really matters!

    The importance of this concept suddenly struck me
    one day. Over the last several years we have seen
    numerous friends, neighbors, and relatives suddenly
    become ill or die almost immediately after they
    retired. These people worked hard their whole life
    to see that their family could live a good, clean,
    healthy, and comfortable life. They had also worked
    hard so they could enjoy a comfortable retirement in
    good health so as not to become a burden to their
    family. But they never, unfortunately, got to
    receive their LIFE'S REWARD that they so rightfully

    What can we do to ensure this does not happen in our
    lives? Passively, there is not a lot we can control
    except where we live. For instance, if we live in a
    large city, we will absorb more air pollution than
    if we live in a rural area and we know not to touch
    a piece of radioactive material or drink water from
    a polluted stream

    Actively, what we consume on a daily basis is the
    KEY for all of us. Why are such things as diabetes
    almost at epidemic levels in our society? In the
    past we've been taught diabetes is just in our genes
    and passed down from our descendents. But now we
    have recently discovered that a major cause of
    diabetes is what we consume or what we don't consume
    due to a poor diet.

    It is totally up to each one of us what we eat and
    consume! Recently, I had a near death experience. On
    June 15, 2003, (Father's Day) I was a victim of
    electrical shock. This happened in a boating and water-
    related accident at a boat dock in Sabula, Iowa. My
    point is the only reasons that I survived this
    accident are by eating a HEALTHY DIET and TAKING
    SUPPLEMENTAL VITAMINS for about the past 15 years of
    my life. And since the accident, many doctors have
    examined almost every part of my body and after the
    exams would tell me that "A healthy diet and
    supplemental vitamins have SAVED MY LIFE " !

    Do you or anyone You know suffer from any of the following
    Medical conditions ??

    Sleep Disorders Heart Problems Insomnia High Blood Pressure
    Lack of energy Cancer Depression Prostrate Problems Anxiety
    Breast Cancer Back Pain Cataracts Heart Burn Macular
    Degeneration Asthma Glaucoma Allergies of any kind Dry Eye
    Condition Diabetes Eczema Arthritis Psoriasis Rheumatoid
    Arthritis Shingles Immune Disorders any kind Carpal Tunnel
    Anemia Lymphoma Constipation Melanoma

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    > Our mission is to help as many people in our society
    > live as long as they can so they can fully enjoy
    > their retirement years.

    This highly honest individual's "mission" also includes
    using a forged email return address. Gives you confidence,
    doesn't it?

    >MAF Anti-Spam ID: 20040301092826W7h6LoV7

    There's the real irony -- we're being spammed by some twit
    who uses an anti-spam ID.

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