Heart bypass riders


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Dec 14, 2002
I have wondered since my surgery how many riders out there have had heart surgery and have continued to ride. I rode for several years, then in 97 had angina pain. I rode medicated for 3 and a half years before surgery. I ride an average of 2000 miles a year and this year almost finished the El Tour De Tucson. I should not have been on my mountian bike!!<br />Zipper club members speak up and ride the roads and trails<br />
Hi Ifly<br />I had heart surgery three years ago (double bypass in 1999). Had been off the bike for several years before. Got myself a supermarket MTB special :'( to get basically fit again. Got re-addicted to cycling and got myself a decent MTB. Then got my old road bike out the store. Now doing +/- 10000km a month. (About 1/3 MTB and 2/3 road). If your cardio guy has given the OK then you must take it to the limit. Enjoy life while you have it and for sure you don't want to be back for another op! :'( That was NOT a nice experience! I'd rather die on the bike than on that heart/lung machine! ;D
well, i don't have any heart problems myself but i know someone who has it, but he can ride like normal people. He gott a heart attack a few years ago, but know he can ride and he's not bad. <br /><br />I think that if you have heart problems, you can ride, but you must be carefull and really use a hrm.<br /><br />Jelle