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  1. Heart disease: Step one to five

    By Pravir Kumarr
    The Pioneer
    Monday, January 13, 2003

    Even before the excitement over minimally invasive
    cardiac surgery has been allowed to die down, the idea of
    "non-invasive" cardiac surgery has hit Delhi. Dr Bimal
    Chhajer, leading cardiologist and propounder of the
    concept, has come up with a book called Reversal of Heart
    Disease in Five Easy Steps.

    Says the doctor, whose book was released at the India
    International Centre on Thursday, "It is an ideal book
    for heart patients. The book is equally helpful for
    people with a high risk factor of heart disease, high
    blood pressure, diabetes, stress, obesity and anti-
    survival habits such as smoking and lack of exercise."

    To achieve this, patients will have to follow a heart
    program called Science And Art of Living (SAAOL).
    According to Chhajer, "The human body is a machine that
    could run for hundreds of years, if provided with the
    proper environment." The program considers five steps to
    prevent and reverse heart disease - education, stress
    reduction, diet modification, yoga and meditation and

    "Patients and people interested in preventing heart
    ailments are admitted for a few days, along with their
    spouses, to learn the theory and practice it," says he.
    The training deals with detailed theoretical explanation
    about the wrong lifestyle practices and their remedies.

    After training comes stress reduction techniques, as most
    cardiac problems are stress related.

    There are two types of "stressed" people - Type-As and
    Type-Bs. "The former create problems, where there are
    none, while the latter find themselves stressed only when
    such situations crop up. Yoga and meditation can help
    change Type-As to Type-Bs," says Chajjer.

    Food habits are also responsible for creating a number of
    lifestyle diseases. "If we can increase fibre, vitamin
    and protein content in our food, we will help our body a
    huge amount," adds Chajjer.

    "Most people believe oil adds to the taste of food, but
    that is not so. That taste comes from the masalas we use.
    The book also lists steps on how to prepare "zero-oil
    tasty food".

    And from where exactly did Chajjer get his SAAOL idea?
    Says he, "A heart patient of mine died, in spite of
    having got every modern medication. That day, I
    understood allopathic treatment was incomplete without
    Indian vedantic systems."

    Says Dr K K Aggarwal, senior cardiologist, Moolchand
    Hospital, "All lifestyle diseases are reversible by the
    SAAOL process. However, these are preventive steps and
    people should first learn to change their lifestyles."

    He further adds that once a person does have himself a
    severe cardiac arrest, there is no other solution other
    than an operation.

    Virendra K Tuli, Chajjer's first patient to be
    successfully treated by SAAOL, has this to say, "My
    medication started in 1995, the positive results began to
    show in two months. It is though a lifelong programme."

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