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    This is slightly off-topic, but hopefully, people here can help. I'm looking for
    recommendations for a heart rate monitor.

    This would be used during bike rides and walks. Base features I'm looking for
    are current heart rate, a stopwatch/timer, and current time. Other nice to have
    features would be a settable zone, and a time-in-zone.

    Initially, I was looking at the Polar A1 and A3, however, after reading some
    complaints about people experiencing delays when returning equipment to Polar,
    and having some disappointing interactions with Polar Canada, I'm not against
    looking at other brands.

    Here are some issues that I'd also like people's opinions on:

    -What HRM do you use? Would you recommend it?

    -How do you find the use of a chest strap with a HRM? How do other technologies
    compare in accuracy & convenience? Some, like Mio (and Timex?) require you to
    touch two pads on the watch to obtain the heart rate.

    -Some manufacturers' chest straps have replaceable batteries. Is there anything
    particularly complex in the straps that would make it beneficial to to with a
    non-user-servicable strap? It's basically just two electrodes and an FM
    transmitter, isn't it?

    -I noticed that there's a pulsemeter from Oregon Instruments which somehow reads
    the heart rate from an optical sensor in a wrist carried monitor. Are these just
    as good, or is the chest strap the "gold standard"?

    -I'm also looking for a bike computer. What do you think of combination systems
    (like the Cat Eye CC-HB100 or Polar S150)? I've been thinking that separate
    units means simpler and more reliable.

    -Service. Have you had to return something for service, or a battery change? How
    would you evaluate your interaction with them?

    -Does anyone have any direct experience with Polar Electro Canada? How were

    I've set followups to alt.support-heart.


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