Heart Rate Monitors


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Oct 15, 2010
What are the best value heart rate monitors on the market these days? I haven't brought one for almost a decade, are polar still the market leader? Yesterday I went to my LBS and saw prices range from $50 up to $1000+ yikes!!
I like the polar units and have had a few but that is just my opinion. Most of the basic units out there are going to be just that. They will all show your H.R.. get the one that has the features you like and a strap that is most comfortable.
I have the Garmin FR60 and I'm happy with it... it's basic but does the job.

Has time and alarm functions which I use when I'm backpacking.

The strap fits well and calorie prediction works.

The bike mount is useless. I just use the strap to mount it to my bars when I go for a ride.
I'd say first decide what features you want/need. You may not need a device that can store a whole seasons worth of workouts. Some of the very basic models to a fine job in my opinion.
Agree with the previous post, it's all about what you need it for, everyone will have preferences but not all of them will suit you. I have used polar HRM in the past ( ie S625X ) and now use a garmin ( forerunner 305 ) and I prefer the garmin haveing said that alot will still prefer the polar.