Heart Rate Monitors



Hi guys,

Just a few quick questions....

1) What type of HRM do you have?

2) How much did it cost you?

Polar S510 here - R1950 (± A$310)
Polar S410 for the wife - R1700 (± A$270)
I use the Polar A1. It cost me 3,200 Pesos....that's around $64. :mad:
I went to Sportmans Warehouse yesterday, and the price of the S510 is now R2400.
I bought myself a S510 2 weeks ago. Price: R2350, but worth every cent!
I've got a Polar S210 cost me R1200 in March 2001, I'm quite happy with it!
I've go a Polar E 600 its for education. Thats what I do (soon at least) I bought it so I could use it in the classroom but it has tons of features and has infa-red downloading of course with really nice software all for about $260.
I aquired a Polar s720i off Ebay for $515 aussie. They retail for around $700 here. What I saved I spent on sensors to fit out my road and mountain bikes.
Polar S710, cost $400 (Australian) including the IR computer link thing. (I bought it second-hand.)
S810. Great monitor. I particularly like the overtraining feature. None of the other Polar's (or at least the cycling ones) seemed to have this!
Just picked up a Polar S720i thru eBay - $280US including the cadence sensor.

Can't get the IR download to work yet!