Heart rate monitors.



What HRM's do people here use?

I haven't got one at the moment, but I'm thinking of getting the Nike Triax 15.

It looks good, but I've read some reviews on it, that the chest transmitter is shitty quality.

The Polar's seem reliable, but they look like ****. I want to get one that can be worn as a stylish sports watch as well as a decent HRM.

What does everyone else have?
When I was searching for a HRM Polar was the leading brand. They still seem to be. But I do agree with you that the watches seem pretty bulky and I'd never wear one everyday.

I know Cateye had a nice cycling hrm when I was looking.
I have the Polar S210 and use the watch as my "daily wear".

If you also go to a gym that uses Lifestyle equipment, then the machines will also read a Polar chest transmitter, which is quite handy when running on the treadmill.

My previous HRM, a Polar Edge, eventually expired after many years of troublefree service. When it went back to Polar for repairs (don't ask!) I found their service and repsonse time to be excellent.

I looked at Cardiosport when I bought this S210 and apart from a few rands difference in the price, couldn't bring myself to buy a non-Polar HRM.
The serious Polar HRM's (510 upward) are bulky, and I'm sure they were not designed for everyday wear. I agree, the S210, and even the 410, is small enough to wear away from the bike.
Polar monitors look like ****? I beg to differ. IMO, they have the best looking HRMs out there. If you are talking about the old monitors (like the Polar Beat, Pacer, and Euro), then yes, they did look like ****. But not anymore.

Get polar. I tried the Nike HRM (tested it in the store while jogging in place), and it did not have the easy start function that Polar has. Plus, the Nike transmitter didn't look/feel as sturdy as the Polar one. Go with the tried and tested brand....you can't and won't go wrong.
Thanks altwegg.

I have seen A LOT of Polar's that look ugly. But I will try and find some newer ones and see if they look ok.

I hope they aren't pricey compared to the Nikes either?
The price depends on what model you are looking at.

Check this website out so you can know more about them:


IMO, Nike's HRM offers more than Polar at the same price level...but Polar offers lesser hassles, better services/warranties.

If I were to get a Nike, I'd get the Ascent Compass....what a schweeeet watch! ;D