Heat Kills Jim, Denise & Skot, Cars Kill another Relay Leg :(

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  1. It's been a long summer for Jim Muellner who we saw battle insufferable rain on his way into
    Pittsburgh last May with four other riders. Here now in August we have seen him call upon the same
    umbrella he used to ward off precipitation to fight off a different attacker -- the scorching sun.
    But he and Denise Hill, who also rode with ho, back on the east coast, made it. They just completed
    their relay leg from Reno to Sacramento as you will see below.

    Another NBG rider was moved by the heat today. Skot Paschal, made it to the delicious coolness of
    the coast! On his way back from Arcata to Santa Cruz , he offers some Pocket Mall poetry that I know
    you will absolutely love and Andrew Morton explains what possessed him to rude the dangerous Arcata
    to Chico stretch that Skot wisely chose not to try.

    We also lost another relay leg. We had to pull the Santa Rosa to Napa leg as Bill Haluzak of
    Bicycles by Haluzak, could not find anyone brave (or suicidal) enough to undertake that 42 mile

    Do not all of these aborted relay legs make the case for the need for a National Bicycle Greenway?
    While recreational routes are important, we desperately need to get population centers connected. As
    the cars grow larger and larger and more and more of them enter the road ways fueled by cheap gas
    prices, the once quiet roads we used to be able to bike without fear for our lives are now all about
    danger. Back in the early 90's when we did the research for our last Cycle America wine country
    cycling guide, I biked Santa Rosa to Napa more then once. And tho there were a few tight spots, they
    were not so heavily traveled that I felt like I was placing myself in jeopardy. And yet here inside
    of a decade later the Car has become the undisputed King of an area that once used to be one of the
    best places to cycle in the entire SF Bay Area. So sad :(


    Subject: Hot Hot Hot

    Hello All You Cool Folks:

    108 degrees according to the lady at the road side. We must have looked in need. This van pulls over
    and pulls out a cooler and offers ice for our hot water bottles and some advice about how to cycle
    into Sacramento. Later, we stopped at a fruit stand and bought a yellow melon. It was delicious.
    While we there we asked to use the garden hose to wash. It turned out the water was scalding hot
    coming out of that hose.

    The berm as I referred to it is really the Levee Road extending for 15 to 20 miles north of
    Sacramento. When we first got on it, the road was so rough we almost decided to go back to the
    highway. But as we cycled along, the the surface improved and there was even an occasional
    shade tree.

    My first impression riding along the levee, however, was how selfish these people and communities
    were. Here we were, hot, thirsty and baked and we could see the cool river a little ways beyond with
    an abundance of shade. Instead what stood between us were steel fences, locked gates, security
    alarms, guard dogs, and signs everywhere; Keep Out, Private Property, No Trespassing. Where there
    were no signs the owners had dumped piles of rocks and broken asphalt to prevent anyone from
    accessing the river. It was very depressing to see all this area that a cyclist could use to enjoy a
    short respite from the heat. I was kidding Denise that if one of us got hurt along that route we
    would have died before finding anyone who would have helped us. Why they do not put up a small area
    that someone can access the river from along this route is amazing.

    I found a fellow cyclist standing by his cycle. He said his rear wheel was stuck. He said he was not
    a mechanic. When I looked at it his rear wheel had come out of the horizontal drop outs. I
    reinstalled it, he said thanks and rode away and never looked back. I was a little disappointed.

    Once we reached the outskirts of Sacramento we came to a city park where there were numerous river
    activities. I could see now why they were not too worried about those using the levee roads 10
    miles back.

    Thanks to Denise we made it. She never complained about the heat or lack of food. To save money she
    was always willing to camp in the worst places. As were were cycling into town we ran into three
    children, Mireli 13, Joshua 5, and Jesse 9, who were all riding trikes very similar to mine. They
    had rented them in town. Of course I had to take their picture, which I said might be shown on our
    web site when I get the camera to Santa Cruz.

    Denise saw kids swimming in the river and said she had to do that. So off we went to the beach. I
    was trying to convince her to swing on the rope that the kids were using to jump in. She claimed she
    was too short to do so. As a result the only pictures I got of her in the water were of her
    surrounded by some good looking local boys

    Our next order of business was to find the bus station and some food. The vendors were losing their
    doors as we arrived. We were sure they were going to roll up the streets and sidewalks next. Denise
    caught the 8 p.m. bus back to Reno and feeling tired I went across the river to a quiet little motel
    to crash. Did not even have dinner, but it did not seem to matter. My body just wanted some cool
    water to cleanse it.

    Well today I am starving and am off to find my new fellow riders and enjoy some of the charm of

    See you later. Love to all, Jim


    And before I give U Skot, here is Andrew Morton. the man who survived Arcata to Chico last year:

    Hey Skot, just wanted to drop you a note on the Arcata to Chico route. You really did make the right
    call on that. I'm probably the one to blame for setting that crazy schedule. I rode the Eugene to
    Sacramento leg last year and had something like a week to do it.

    Instead of just shooting down I-5, I decided I'd make a detour down the coast hoping for better
    weather and traffic conditions. Unfortunately I didn't look ahead at the riding I'd have to do
    between the coast and the Central Valley. I ended up 300 miles from Sacto with 3 days to do it and
    three 2500 ft passes. If I hadn't put myself into that position there's no way I would have signed
    on to do it. The Arcata Mayor's comments about a support vehicle with water were spot on. I ran out
    of water twice, once bumming some off a fire crew, the second time from some people at a campground.
    Those three days were probably the hardest of the entire trip (Portland->Sacramento->Santa Cruz).

    You can read all about it on my website: Arcata, CA -> Burnt Ranch, CA
    http://drewish.com/blogger/archives/2002/07/30/out_of_the_fridge_into_th e_oven.html Burnt Ranch, CA
    -> Anderson, CA http://drewish.com/blogger/archives/2002/07/31/two_passes_one_hundred_mi les.html


    And finally here is Skot Paschal, a man who handled this aborted journey with so much class that he
    created a new fan, Arcata Mayor Bob Ornelas. Also the Bill Ferry he talks about below is the man
    who gave him a car boost so he could keep on schedule after Skot's train arrived five hours late.
    THX Bill :

    Subject Last Spin for NBG

    There are more stories this week than most have in alot. Eugene of the late train Towards the beach
    with tunnels of fun. Wind: It blew my butt off. Hill after view...always somethin' Fun to do. sure
    there is pain more than every other day I wouldn't trade it for a Klondike bar or a day beside the
    pool. People are the NBG Bill Ferry and Mayor BobbieO and all the smiles and Howdo's. That's the
    power of the American Way. The only ones that get to feel the love that's every-danged-where have
    turned of the cursed TV and gone for a ride today.

    In a peldaling state of mind, Sk.

    Subject: Garberville Biker Bar

    So I figured I'd hide in this bar, throw down a Sierra Nevada or two and wait out the heat. In walks
    this "red" head and we begin to chat. "I need to get to Chico by noon tomorrow", says me. "I'll be
    your love slave, go to the market, cook, clean and walk your Yappie dog, just get me to the
    courthouse on time."

    "It's a deal," says the lady fair,"but you must give up this crazy ridin'".

    So me, I sez, "Another pint here bartender, it don't look like this relationship is gonna work."

    (Sung to any country tune)

    Man, it's a hundred here and the coast ain't far. I would have had a memorial plaque in Chico
    had I tried.

    Nowhere in particular. In a pedaling state of mind, Sk.

    Subject: Not to Bragg (A town located near him on the CA coast)

    The high today was 65; 50 deg. short of the Chico zone. That is unthinkable. The coast is so
    beautiful here. It's up and down and tough and fun. My next step in unclear. I am supposed to meet a
    friend (in Sacto) for the Sierra Wednesday. How is a mystery, but that's part of the magic.

    In a peldaling state of mind, Sk.

    Local access to PocketMail mobile e-mail now available in Europe, North America & Australia

    Skot Paschal http://www.skot.web-page.net Skot can be reached on the road at: [email protected]

    67 year old, trike riding Jim Muellner can be found at
    http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide/JimMuellner His email on the road is:
    [email protected]

    Denise Hill http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/bios/denise_hi
    ll.php one of the stars of the DC to Pittsburgh relay leg
    http://www.bikeroute.com/NationalMayorsRide/Pittsburgh can be reached at [email protected]

    If you want to start from the beginning and/or follow Jim our other NBG relay riders as they move
    forward in the National Mayors' Ride at
    <http://NationalBicycleGreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/schedule.php>, point to their blog at
    <http://www.nationalbicyclegreenway.com/Events/Mayors_Ride/reports.php>. All of this excitement will
    al be consummated at the second annual Santa Cruz NBG Bike FestĀ  on Sunday August 17 c/:eek:

    btw: If you want to become a rider, we still welcome you!! Go to
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