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Dec 22, 2001
Anyone got any ideas on training in the heat? Is it beneficial to deliberately go out and train in the heat of the day if you have a choice to go out very early? I've been doing "heat training" of necessity and personally I feel it weakens you. I certainly don't enjoy riding in the upper 30s and above. I know the TdeF riders start racing at about 11:00 but I was thinking of ordinary mortals! ;D Meanwhile I greet a very fit looking boxer twice a week doing a steady jog at 09:00 wearing a full oilskin suit complete with hood! :eek: :eek: :eek: I know little of boxing and wonder what is the motive for it? ??? (Note: Must go and do some heat training tomorrow by the pool! ;))
I can't see any good reason to go and deliberately try and give yourself heat stroke<br /><br />if you exercise in extreme heat you will find it hard to train at beneficial heart rate intensities without losing heaps of fluids and risking dehydration or worse.<br /><br />experience from some time in the army taught me that running around in 40C+ temperatures was a recipe for a trip to hospital no matter how well prepared you were.<br /><br />during hot weather we would often consume in excess of 3L of water per hour and people would still collapse, so if its really hot you will have to figure out a way to refill your bottles often or ride with a jerry can attached to your bike.<br /><br />during a race you may have no option and knowing your response under heat stress could be useful but its a big risk to go out and deliberately train when its super hot<br /><br />anyway thats my 2 cents worth
If you are trying to acclimatise to complete/train at those temperatures it is essental that you do some regular exercise in those temperatures. <br /><br />It is interesting that adults need to exercise in high temperatures to 'acclimatise for exercise', whereas children can 'acclimatise for exercise' even by resting in the high temperatures.<br /><br />If you can avoid all exercise in extremely high temperatures then its worth doing that, however if you can't make sure you acclimatise well! (and take lots of fluids with you)
Just a comment on the boxer. Is he always in the suit? I know they will sometimes go out like that before a weigh in for a fight so they can lose weight (water!!) to get down to their correct weight category. Its like Jockeys sitting in a Sauna before a big race....
You can always take your indoor trainer into a sauna for some heat excercise as well.. That should prepare you for most races in extreme heat ;D
Last year we built a heat controlled room for fish breeding. Whilst it was still empty and we were testing the climate control system, I put my indoor trainer in there and did my low intensity training. The idea was to loose excess weight.<br /><br />The temp of the room was a constant 30deg C . I used to take 2 water bottles in with me for a 45 min session. Kept my HR below 75% and drank plenty of fluids.<br /><br />Guess what, I never lost very much. But it felt good to sweat all the toxins out of me.
Rhodent<br />Yes, the boxer guy is always in the suit when I see him but I haven't seen him over the last 10 days. I know they try to lose weight immediately before a weigh in but this guy has been training in a suit for weeks! :p Difficult to talk to him as he is coming towards me on a motorway.