heating carbs/proteins/fats creates toxins?



I just put up a page of articles of scientific studies about toxins in
heated foods at http://www.thegardendiet.com/science

I was searching for "toxins in heated fats/proteins/carbohydrates" and surfed through articles in
medical journals for many hours. I was amazed by how none of the scientific studies on foods
distinguish whether they are testing heated or unheated foods. Basic physics says if you heat a
substance you change its molecular structure. So heated and unheated foods are totally different
compounds. So when they say "vegetable oil are trans fats" it makes no sense because they don't say
whether the tests were done on heated or unheated vegetable oil. (my thinking that I was trying to
validate through this research is that trans fats are created in the heating of oils/fats). Some of
the articles were so complicated that it would take a scientist to translate them. Yet why the whole
scientific world seems to have overlooked the heated/unheated issue I don't understand!

I did find some interesting articles about heated carbs, trans fats that seem to be contained in
most processed foods, the physics of heat and water, and I found out very interestingly that the
labeling of animal feed requires labeling for cooked or not! These articles are on the page
mentioned above. I'm going to keep looking, collecting articles, and sending the scientists
questions. I hope we'll have some raw-vegan scientists and doctors in the next generation who will
initiate testing on heated and unheated foods, start asking the right questions, and come up with
some valuable information.

My question. Does this sound right? heated fats = trans fats heated carbs= numerous toxins including
acrylamide heated proteins= free radicals

Thanks, RawFaith - 100% Raw Vegan Family www.thegardendiet.com